Let's End the Debate Over Inbound Marketing ROI

Patrick Dodge 08 , Feb


The marketing campaign is over, and it’s time to make an honest assessment.

What did it do for your parent company or clients? This is not always an easy conversation to have. 

Inbound Marketing for Cloud Services Providers

Patrick Dodge 26 , Jan

This is going to be a banner year for cloud service providers. Or at least, some of them.

Forrester says the market for public cloud services will grow to $178 billion in 2018, an increase of 22 percent over last year. This is obviously good news for cloud service providers, but with rapid growth comes intense competition.

3 B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Are Getting Tired

Patrick Dodge 24 , Jan


You put endless hours into producing an amazing content offer – the whitepaper to end all whitepapers!

Up it goes on the company website, and THEN…


What happened?? All those hours of work, and no leads are coming in. You might even start to believe inbound marketing doesn’t work. After all, you did everything right. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be pulling in leads right and left.

The reason: Your buyers have changed and you have not.

Blogging Mistakes B2B Marketers Are Still Making in 2018

Patrick Dodge 05 , Jan

How often does your executive team take stock of what the company blog is doing to increase business? 

This conversation is not happening at most companies. I can tell simply by what they post on their sites.

New Reasons Why SaaS Needs Marketing Automation

Patrick Dodge 20 , Dec

Big things are happening in marketing automation, and SaaS, perhaps more than any other B2B industry, is poised to take full advantage of it. 

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the main benefits of automation -- streamlined lead generation, email marketing, sales development, and all that -- but there are some lesser known ways it can accelerate software sales. 

Comparing Marketing Automation Tools: New Features for 2018

Patrick Dodge 08 , Dec

Is your organization finally ready to take the plunge into marketing automation?

After months or even years of trying to build a case, you’ve finally gotten the CEO’s blessing to find a platform that will simplify your work and enhance productivity.

There are literally dozens of options out there, but if you’ve done any research at all, there are three big platforms that stand out from the rest: Marketo, HubSpot, and Pardot.

Buyer Persona Examples That Will Change Your Marketing

Patrick Dodge 30 , Nov

Marketers are getting buyer personas wrong.

And for a long time, we did too.

SaaS Marketing Metrics that Will Help Your Business Grow

Patrick Dodge 17 , Nov

SaaS startups are masters of data. They know how to generate it, manage it, and learn from it.

But when it comes to sales and marketing, they are not always clear about which KPIs really matter, and which ones sound good but don’t really contribute to growth.

Reasons Why SaaS Marketing is Not Working

Patrick Dodge 09 , Nov

Is your marketing program stalling out, and you’re not sure why?

Your team has spent years crafting an amazing app that helps businesses improve workflows and manage data, and you’ve invested all this time and money into telling the world about it online. 

But no one seems to be listening. 

You Are in Sales, So Why Do You Mistreat Salespeople?

Patrick Dodge 24 , Oct

Admitting you’re wrong is hard for people, myself included.

For whatever reason, this admission comes harder in the workplace, where our actions are guided by habit more often than we realize. Once in a while though, I catch myself making a decision purely out of reflex, and pause to consider why. 

I had one of these revelations recently when an unexpected invite popped up on my calendar.