Activate Your Email Marketing Leads With Real Personalization

Patrick Dodge 17 , Jan

Every brand is trying to personalize their marketing emails, but are they doing it in a way that matters to people?

Companies Are Getting Buyer Personas Completely Wrong

Patrick Dodge 05 , Jan

This post is an edited transcript from an episode of Frictionless: How B2B Marketers Create Amazing Customer Experiences. Listen to the entire interview here!

Inbound Marketing in 2019 Requires a Customer Experience Strategy

Patrick Dodge 21 , Dec

When every brand out there is bending over backwards to be “helpful” to customers, how will yours stand out?

Creating a Great Customer Experience Around a Hated Office Machine

Patrick Dodge 30 , Nov

This post is an edited transcript from episode #1 of Frictionless: How B2B Marketers Create Amazing Customer Experiences. Listen to it here!

Content Distribution Strategies Will Change in 2019

Patrick Dodge 13 , Oct

Content distribution is a big challenge, and marketers that insist on pushing everyone to their websites are making it even harder on themselves. 

10 Critical Steps for Improving Customer Experience

Patrick Dodge 01 , Oct

The word is out. “Word of mouth” is king.

Is LinkedIn Evolving into a Pay-to-Play Platform?

Patrick Dodge 19 , Sep

If you’ve spent a lot of time on LinkedIn in the last year, you’ve noticed a few things.

Creating “Amazing Content” Will Not Make Your Brand Successful

Patrick Dodge 11 , Sep

That headline is going to sound like a downer to some people, but please hear me out. By the end of this post you will never feel so empowered to change the world with inbound marketing.

How Small Brands Can Get Started With B2B Influencer Marketing

Patrick Dodge 25 , Aug

If your company is pouring time and resources into content marketing and feeling like it’s doing absolutely nothing, I have good news and I have great news.

The good news is your problem is shared by about three-quarters of content marketers everywhere. The great news is there is a solution, but it’s going to take brains and a whole lot of elbow grease.

How Influencer Marketing Changed My Lead Generation Strategy

Patrick Dodge 31 , Jul

There are two kinds of inbound marketers out there today.

Those that are getting traction with their content and getting leads, and those working their butts off and wondering why the hell they aren’t getting results.