Inbound 2019 Takeaways That Will Make You a Better Leader

Patrick Dodge 13 , Sep

I attended Inbound 2019 with the same agenda I have for the last three years.

How Healthcare Brands Create Excellent Customer Experiences

Patrick Dodge 10 , Sep

The customer experience revolution is coming. Is your brand ready?

Types of Digital Marketing For Healthcare Companies: Pros and Cons

Patrick Dodge 23 , Aug

If you spend time on LinkedIn or business blogs you’ve probably noticed digital marketing comes in many different shapes and colors these days.

Creating an Effective Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

Patrick Dodge 16 , Aug

Healthcare brands realize they need content marketing to optimize their websites today, but many of them lack a clear focus and direction that delivers results.

What is B2B Healthcare Marketing in 2019?

Patrick Dodge 01 , Aug

Healthcare marketing is complex today, but it's not complicated.

Successful Client On-boarding in 3 Critical Steps

Patrick Dodge 24 , Jul

Every business needs to a top notch client on-boarding process, but few of them give it the attention it deserves.

Grow Your B2B Blog With Great SME Interviews

Patrick Dodge 25 , Jun

There is a goldmine of amazing content hidden in the people around you.

Want To Create a Great Customer Experience? Start Thinking From Their Perspective.

Patrick Dodge 08 , Jun
The longer I work in marketing, the more I believe culture has the greatest impact on results.

The Marketing Growth Strategy That Deprioritizes Sales

Patrick Dodge 19 , May

We have a culture problem in the workplace today, and it's causing us to miss great opportunities.

Inbound Marketing Needs to Change

Patrick Dodge 10 , May

I’ve seen a few articles pop up in Google Alerts lately, prophesizing the end of inbound marketing.