Inbound Marketing for Cloud Services Providers

Patrick Dodge 26 , Jan

This is going to be a banner year for cloud service providers. Or at least, some of them.

Forrester says the market for public cloud services will grow to $178 billion in 2018, an increase of 22 percent over last year. This is obviously good news for cloud service providers, but with rapid growth comes intense competition.

New Reasons Why SaaS Needs Marketing Automation

Patrick Dodge 20 , Dec

Big things are happening in marketing automation, and SaaS, perhaps more than any other B2B industry, is poised to take full advantage of it. 

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the main benefits of automation -- streamlined lead generation, email marketing, sales development, and all that -- but there are some lesser known ways it can accelerate software sales. 

SaaS Marketing Metrics that Will Help Your Business Grow

Patrick Dodge 17 , Nov

SaaS startups are masters of data. They know how to generate it, manage it, and learn from it.

But when it comes to sales and marketing, they are not always clear about which KPIs really matter, and which ones sound good but don’t really contribute to growth.

Reasons Why SaaS Marketing is Not Working

Patrick Dodge 09 , Nov

Is your marketing program stalling out, and you’re not sure why?

Your team has spent years crafting an amazing app that helps businesses improve workflows and manage data, and you’ve invested all this time and money into telling the world about it online. 

But no one seems to be listening. 

How to Find Quality Writers for Your IT Blog

Patrick Dodge 22 , Sep

Good IT bloggers are a rare and wondrous find.

Sure, there are great writers out there, scribblers who are “highly adaptable to any industry.” But very few freelancers write quality stuff about cloud computing, managed services, or business intelligence on a regular basis.

5 Ways Cloud Providers Can Improve Their Websites

Patrick Dodge 14 , Sep

What makes a website good in your opinion?

Easy navigation? Keywords for optimization? A contemporary looking design?

If any of those responses are your answers, you're right of course. Chances are good you've got the essentials covered.

But optimizing your website for new business is a whole other ball of wax.

Getting Businesses to See the Value of Managed IT Services

Patrick Dodge 18 , May

Businesses have every reason in the world to hire a Managed IT Service Provider. And while the industry is growing rapidly, many would-be clients are still not buying-in. Why?

Blog Topics MSPs Should Focus On in 2018

Patrick Dodge 13 , Apr

What questions about IT do business prospects ask you on a regular basis?

I’ll bet you thought of at least three before you even got to this sentence. Write them down! They might be the most important topics your brand covers in the blog this year.

Why IT Bloggers Should Stop Using Other Articles For Research

Patrick Dodge 07 , Apr

Are prospective customers ignoring your blog?

There are several possible reasons why IT companies don't get leads from their websites, and one of the biggest ones is duplicate content.