Can You Deliver Fast Sales With a Long Term Marketing Strategy?

Patrick Dodge 15 , Jun

It feels like an impossible situation. 

You Are in Sales, So Why Do You Mistreat Salespeople?

Patrick Dodge 24 , Oct

Admitting you’re wrong is hard for people, myself included.

For whatever reason, this admission comes harder in the workplace, where our actions are guided by habit more often than we realize. Once in a while though, I catch myself making a decision purely out of reflex, and pause to consider why. 

I had one of these revelations recently when an unexpected invite popped up on my calendar.  

How to Lose a Client The Hard Way

Patrick Dodge 19 , Jan

Have you ever blown a good sale for a bad reason?

I have. We all lose clients once in a while – it’s the circle of life in business – but in this instance I got blindsided. And it hurt. I remember feeling confused and desperate to get them back, but it was too late. I had allowed a competitor to swoop in and take my good-paying client away. How did I let this happen?