Why Us?

Inbound marketing is not a secret weapon.

The entire industry is based on sharing the "secret sauce," and it’s all up for grabs. So why hire us to do it for you?

Proven Results


Our clients increased their sales leads by an average of 60 percent last year. Some are even reporting record-setting revenue from customers we helped them find.  

Turning website visitors into new customers requires experience, hard work, and creativity. We have seen what works with businesses like yours. Let us help you achieve your goals.

Certified HubSpot Partner


HubSpot is the most powerful inbound marketing engine available today. We offer expert management of the tools and content that drive customers through your sales process. As a certified partner, we also have access to extensive resources and support from HubSpot's amazing team.  


We Are Your Sales People


A lot of inbound agencies have bloggers, artists and video producers – but how many of them have real sales experience?

Working in sales gives you a different perspective on businesses and their customers. It helps you get a mature understanding of how sales processes work and how consumers behave. You can’t get these insights by reading a blog. You have to slug it out in the trenches.

Our company leadership has worked in sales and marketing for twenty years and keeps the team focused on the one thing that builds a strong base of happy clients – results.

Meet Patrick Dodge,
Founder of Creative Side Marketing


Patrick Dodge is a published author, marketer, entrepreneur, and all round swell guy.

Throughout his career in sales and advertising, he has worked with clients in a variety of industries, helping them grow their businesses using creativity, drive, and curiosity.

He left his job in media sales management in 2014 and forged a partnership with New England Standard LLC, a startup that offered SEO, content marketing, and web design services to businesses around the globe.

In 2016, Dodge left New England Standard to launch Creative Side Marketing, a HubSpot partner dedicated to helping businesses succeed using inbound marketing strategies. The rest – as they say – is history.

Discover the creative side of sales and marketing with us.