Get actionable insights that will help your supplement company generate leads and acquire customers.

We will show you the real story behind the decision-making process used by practitioners, pharmacists, and wellness coaches.


Is your supplement company generating enough leads after losing access to trade shows? 

Practitioners, pharmacists, and wellness coaches are vital for growth, and many supplement providers are frustrated with trying to build relationships with them now.

A digital marketing strategy is a great way to generate new business, but your team needs an intimate understanding of the buyer's journey to show ROI.

The problem is marketers lack real insight about the decision-making process used by professionals that buy supplements, resulting in a lot of wasted time and money. 

Buyer research can help your marketing, sales, and product development teams understand what prospects are thinking and doing as they consider products like yours.

Unfortunately, companies often try to get this feedback from existing customers and sales reps. The information they get is influenced by factors that keep them from getting the real story.


Get access to insights that will help your company grow.

We have interviewed dozens of healthcare practitioners, pharmacists, and wellness coaches that have researched, evaluated, and purchased nutritional supplements within the last 12 months.

We then ran a detailed analysis of their stories and uncovered patterns that show how buyers think and behave:

1. Priority Initiative -- What caused the buyer to abandon the status quo and look for a new product when they did?
2. Success Factors -- What professional results did they hope would change?
3. Perceived Barriers -- What concerns caused the buyer to believe a product was not right for them?
4. Buyer's Journey -- Who and what impacts the buyer as they evaluate and select an option?
5. Decision Criteria -- Which aspects of a product do they feel is most critical?

Bonus question: "What is one thing supplement companies could do that would make you more successful?"

Our research team identified (2) distinct types of buyers, and created profiles using quotes from real people: Medical professionals (MDs/NDs, chiropractors, and dentists), and business owners (pharmacists, wellness coaches).

We are now offering these persona profiles to supplement companies.

Purchase them for your own use, or let us help you implement a marketing and sales strategy that delivers trackable ROI.


lead generation

Here is an example of how we helped a client generate almost 400 new customers this year using a content strategy based on buyer insights.

"Buyer Insights" package includes:

Buyer Persona Research

Buyer Research 

Includes almost 90 pages of insights from (2) profiles, highlighting differences and similarities between the two types of buyers:

  • Medical professionals profile (NDs, chiropractors, dentists)
  • Business owners profile (pharmacists, wellness coaches)
  • Summary deck, comparing similarities and differences between the two types of buyers

Total Cost = $1,500

Buyer Persona Workshop

Research + Implementation Workshop 

Put your research to use right away! We will host a (1) day virtual workshop with your team and help them discover ways to set your brand apart in the eyes of your customers.

This (8) hour session focuses on:

  • How your products and services meet the expectations of buyers
  • Identify gaps and opportunities  
  • Define the top value propositions your marketing, sales, and product development teams can use to get more traction with buyers

Total cost = $2,500


Research + Workshop + Services

Research + Workshop + Growth Plan

If your company needs more leads and customers from the medical professional community, let us help you!

Our growth agency has proven success with helping supplement companies achieve their ROI goals. 

  • Includes everything in Research + Workshop
  • Ongoing services may include HubSpot onboarding, marketing strategy, content creation, building pipelines, lead nurturing, and customer experience.
  • HubSpot marketing tools are required. Learn more by contacting us!

Total Cost = $2,500*

*Paid in advance for Research + Workshop deliverables. We will schedule an exploratory call with your team to learn about your specific goals and challenges, make recommendations, and see if we are a good fit.

If you sign up for a growth plan within 45 days of purchase, your initial investment will be used as a credit toward your first month of services.





Invest in the health of your business! 

This is research is FREE when you sign up for one of our growth plans.

Purchase these profiles for your internal use, or sign up for one of our growth plans within 50 days and get a credit toward services (requires a minimum 6 month service contract).

buyer persona

Your Cost For Buyer Research Only = $1,500*

*Price will increase on 4/15/2021

Please note, this research is for internal use only, and may not be shared with any person or organization outside your company.

We work exclusively with supplement companies we can verify independently, so please use a company email address if you contact us.

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