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Healthcare Marketing Conferences 2021: The Complete List

Patrick Dodge


How has the pandemic impacted your healthcare marketing challenges? How are successful organizations adapting to new realities and expectations among patients?

These questions are leading the agenda at the top healthcare marketing conferences and events in 2021. 

This year promises the return of several key events -- most of them virtual for now -- for more networking, keynotes, and workshops, focused on everything from lead generation and communications, to patient experience, to medical device marketing and PR.

So, open up your Outlook and Google calendar and check out our updated list of events with confirmed dates for 2021.


Patient Experience + Marketing Virtual Forum


February 1, 2021, Online

In an increasingly competitive market and rising expectations from patients, healthcare providers need a comprehensive strategy to curate a personalized patient experience.

In February, Becker's Healthcare invites you to join leading patient experience and marketing executives to explore the next evolution of hospital marketing and patient care. 

Get more information here.

2021 Health Datapalooza & National Health Policy Conference

February 16-18, 2021. Online.

A longstanding event put on by AcademyHealth, Health Datapalooza and the National Health Policy Conference (NHPC) promises three days of insightful discussions, plenary and breakout sessions, and virtual networking events, all exploring policy issues and data that will impact our future. 

Get registration details here.


The Summit 2021: Accelerating the Industry


March 29-31, 2021. Nashville, TN

Hosted by Revive Health, The Summit returns this year with three days of presentations about strategic approaches to payor and employee relations. It will also feature content for people interested in gathering more insights about their buyers. 

Early bird pricing is $1,295 at the time of this posting. 

Get details here.

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The Contact Experience Conference

March 30, 2021, Online

Greystone.Net, in conjunction with the Healthcare Call Center Times, is sponsoring The Contact Experience Conference (CEC) again with a focus on enhancing healthcare call centers, virtual care, and patient experience. 

This event shares the best practices used by successful healthcare contact centers in these challenging times, exploring new solutions for managing customers in this time of virtual customer service.

Get details here.


Patient Experience Digital Series


November 10, 2020-April 5, 2021, Online.

Billed as largest independent patient experience event, this series has expanded into a multi-month digital summit on empathy and innovation.

New content every month offers insights from patients, caregivers, and leaders across the healthcare industry, as well as live chat and speaker Q&A. 

Get registration details here.

World Health Care Congress (WHCC21) Changemakers

April 11-14, 2021, Washington, D.C. 

Over 1,200 Changemakers will gather to address critical health care challenges at the 17th Annual World Health Care Congress. The event promises opportunities to connect and learn with your peers in an "elite networking forum," while diving into issues like cost transparency, privacy, value, and social determinants of health and connected care.

Get details here.

Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit

April 19-21, 2021. 

This forum for healthcare strategists continues its 26 year run with more best practices and networking opportunities for healthcare marketing, communications, and digital professionals. 

They are still shaping up the agenda for this year, but it looks like they intend to focus on educational presentations (not demos of proprietary solutions) about advanced strategies with proven, reportable results. 

Get details here.

PRSA Health Academy Virtual Conference

April 19-23, 2021. Online.

How can healthcare professionals communicate more effectively with various populations with differing needs?

The Health Academy Conference is for public relations and communication professionals who are interested in the latest best practices and industry trends. Spotlights include nationally renowned speakers and new trends in healthcare public relations.

Keep an eye on the PRSA website for more details about this year's event.

The Beryl Institute – ELEVATE PX


April 26-30, 2021, Online

Formerly known as the Patient Experience (PX) Conference, ELEVATE PX is a virtual event where the healthcare community will learn and the share ideas about how to enhance the healthcare experience in organizations across the globe.

The event offers multiple sessions for participants in different timezones, keynote sessions with meet and greets, virtual hospital tours, and video-enabled networking with participants and exhibitors.

Get registration details here.

11th Digital Marketing For Medical Devices West 2021

April (dates TBD). CA

This event got cancelled in 2020 for obvious reasons, and even though their website does not have updated information yet, Conference Locate is projecting their event will return in 2021.

This conference focuses on digital marketing tactics in the medical devices industry that will help participants boost product sales while also creating impactful relationships with patients, doctors, and other buyers. Previous sessions have covered topics like interactive marketing, advertising, brand building, and social media. 

Keep a close eye on their website for details about 2021 here.


Healthcare Transformation Summit

Tuesday, May 18-19, 2021

The Healthcare Transformation Summit brings together senior executives from hospitals and health systems, suppliers, payers, and venture capitalists to discuss how leaders can create and drive transformation within their organizations.

Attendees will learn strategies used by business leaders, innovators, and experts to drive down costs, boost outcomes, and create new growth.

Get registration details here.


AHA Leadership Summit

July 22-24, 2021, Nashville, TN

The AHA Leadership Summit and Virtual Conference features timely, relevant information for healthcare executives interested in optimizing operations, creating stronger partnerships, and remaining resilient in the face of prolonged crises. 

The event focuses on:

  • Leadership Resilience
  • Strategies for Post-Pandemic Recovery and Planning
  • Virtual Care and Digital Health Transformation
  • Workforce Development

You can find registration info here.  


HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition 2021


August 9-13, 2021, Las Vegas, NV

This event where information and technology professionals, healthcare executives and clinicians, consultants, and entrepreneurs converge to provide a top notch experience for professionals interested in growth and learning.

Educational content, world-class speakers, new products and great networking opportunities are all part of this industry-leading conference.

Get more information here

11th Annual Digital Marketing For Medical Devices

August, 2021 (TBD), Minneapolis, MN

The 11th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices 2021 explores digital marketing in the medical devices industry, helping attendees learn strategies the lead to product and brand success, as well as build stronger connections with patients, doctors, and other stakeholders. 

Topics include:

  • Collaborating with sales teams for personalized outreach to HCPs
  • Creating content customers find valuable
  • Using digital channels to find and connect with customers 
  • Measuring the success of your marketing efforts

Get more information here.


SHSMD Connections 2021

September 19-21, 2021, San Antonio, TX

AHA's Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) hosts an event packed with great insights about healthcare marketing, public relations and communications, and strategic planning professionals in Washington, DC, this fall.

SHSMD Connections promotes ideas and best practices, influential experts, resources, and more than 1,000 attendees! 

Learn more about the event here.


Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society

October 6-8, 2021, Milwaukee, WI

Get information here

HLTH: Create Health’s Future

October 17-20, 2021, Boston, MA

Delivering four days of “inspiring content, curated networking, educational sessions, and dynamic events,” HLTH (pronounced “health”) puts the focus squarely on innovation for senior executives in the industry.

General admission pricing is $2,100, and discounts apply for qualified buyers and startups.

Get the info you need here.


Healthcare Internet Conference 2021 (HCIC)

November 2-4, 2021, Las Vegas, NV

There’s something for every marketer at this major conference in healthcare marketing. In addition to lots of great content and learning tracks, HCIC also offers access to nearly a hundred exhibitors in the marketing, CRM, content, and search optimization space.

Learn more about the event here.


Once again, there is no shortage of great conferences for healthcare marketers for the coming year. Which ones are at the top of your list? Let us know! We hope to see you at a few.

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