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You are looking for a personalized experience while onboarding with HubSpot.

We get it. We felt that way too when we got into this crazy business.

We've helped many businesses get started since then. Looking back, we wouldn’t choose any other career...except maybe rock star. That would've been better.

Save Time & Do Less Work.

Ask any HubSpot rep, and they will tell you most businesses have a better onboarding experience working with a HubSpot partner agency like us.

Our team will manage more setup tasks in less time.


Compare what's included in HubSpot direct onboarding vs. ours: 



Creative Side

Kick-off Call & Technical Setup

Review expectations and important stakeholders.

Technical Setup

Collect login and website assets, domain setup, connect HubSpot to website, and connect social accounts.

Contact Database Setup

De-duplicating contacts, list creation and segmentation.

Contact Database Cleanup

Purging unneeded contacts, import database, syncing lifecycle stages, and associating companies to contacts.

Account Defaults & Branding

Set up company branding, logo, brand colors, and fonts.

Additional Branding & Customization

Adding company logo to HubSpot email opt-out page. Adding general company info and currencies.

Tracking & Analytics

Assistance with adding HubSpot tracking code to website.

User Role Management

Creating teams/departments inside HubSpot. Granting and restricting access to user roles.

Sales & Deals (for Sales Hub Pro)

Sales pipeline setup, and creating (1) sales dashboard.

HubSpot Meetings & Calendar Integration

Assistance setting up meeting links (up to four users). Integrating users's Gmail or Outlook into HubSpot meeting link.

Marketing Dashboard Setup

Adding modules to marketing dashboard, and exporting HubSpot form code for replacing website forms.

Custom Properties

Creating up to (10) custom properties.

Social Media

Integration of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram). Chat flow setup for (1) source, Facebook or website.

Native App Integrations

Integrating apps client already uses that are currently in the HubSpot Marketplace. If app is not included in Marketplace or requires a 3rd party integration, additional charges may apply or another service provider may be required.

Establishing Processes for Success

Content creation and approval. Lead qualification and automation. Sales notifications.

HubSpot Training

(4) weeks of training for executive, marketing, and sales teams.

CSM Services vs. HubSpot Services

Total Cost = $3,000*

*HubSpot landing page and blog implementation services available for an additional fee.

Helping Businesses Disrupt For The Better.

We are really good at...  

  • Creating sales-ready websites
  • Building lead nurturing automation 
  • Defining goal metrics and implementing strategies that deliver good-fit leads and customers
  • Researching how your buyers think and behave during the decision making process
  • Creating authentic content and using it to qualify and guide prospects through the buyer's journey
  • Building customer onboarding automation that delivers a great experience for your new clients while saving time for your staff.

What Customers Are Saying

  • Creative Side did a GREAT JOB. Within two months, we had new branding, a new website, and our first HubSpot campaign ready to go!"



    Oliver Morales

  • We've been with Creative Side for more than three years now. They introduced us to HubSpot, and they've been a valued partner ever since!"

    brandi_bio pic

    Inbound Marketing Strategist

    Brandi Kanya Cornell

  • These guys not only got us set up with HubSpot, they also created customer onboarding automation that helps us collect contracts from new buyers!" 



    Jonathan Chaupin

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