Buyer Persona Research:

Get Insights That Help You Build Deeper Connections With Target Buyers

We will show you the real story behind the decision-making process used by people evaluating and purchasing solutions like yours.


Is your company generating enough of the right leads? 

Most marketers lack real insight about the decision-making process used by professionals that purchase their products and services. 


They often make do with information they've gotten from salespeople or customers, both of which provide biased and inaccurate insights.

Buyer persona research can help your marketing, sales, and product development teams truly understand what buyers are thinking and doing as they consider products like yours.

Your Secret Sauce: Knowing How Your Buyers Think & Behave

Get insights that reveal how they make buying decisions.

Our research is compiled from interviews with real buyers who have recently evaluated and purchased a new line of supplements. We do not use surveys that choose the answers for our respondents. This detailed analysis lets buyers describe what's important to them in their own words, focusing on 5 key insights:

1. What caused them to abandon the status quo and look for a new product or service when they did?

2. What professional results did they hope would change?

3. What concerns caused the buyer to believe a particular brand was not right for them? 

4. Who and what impacts the buyer as they evaluate and select an option?

5. Which features and benefits of a solution do they feel are most critical?

Save Money While Putting Persona Research To Work Using One Of Our Growth Plans

Buyer Persona Research


One-time fee, includes custom research presentation:

  • Recruiting Participants
  • 30 Minute Interviews
  • Transcription & Analysis
  • Profile Presentation Deck
  • Research assets provided upon completion. Project requires an average 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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Research + Workshop


Includes (8) Hour Virtual Persona Activation Workshop:

  • Examine how well your products and services are meeting buyer expectations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Confirm the top 5 value propositions for your brand
  • Positioning statements for marketing, sales, and product development teams

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Research + Workshop + Growth Plan


Includes everything, plus:

  • HubSpot Implementation
  • Growth strategy
  • Demand generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Marketing and sales automations
  • Revenue operations and sales enablement

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