Supplement Marketing Success:

73% Increase in Customers for DaVinci Laboratories

"Creative Side is always finding continuous ways to improve our campaigns."

Brandi Kanya-Cornell, Channel Marketing Manager



By shifting a portion of the trade show marketing budget to our HubSpot growth strategy, DaVinci Laboratories more than doubled the number of qualified leads and customers in our first year of working together. These numbers have continued to increase since 2018.

  • 73% increase in customers in one year

  • 366% increase in leads in two years

  • 346% increase in website traffic in three years



When your business is providing high quality, doctor-formulated supplements to physicians, business owners, and consumers, you need to establish deep relationships with a lot of people. Brandi Kanya-Cornell from DaVinci Laboratories will tell you all about it.

She used to spend nearly ten months a year flying in and out of cities across the country, showcasing the company’s products at functional medicine trade shows. A hectic pace to keep up for sure, and the results often did not justify the expense.


As any regular exhibitor at health trade shows will attest, many medical professionals will visit your booth, take samples of your products and literature, and completely forget who you are when Sales follows up two days later.

“We’ve made some great relationships at trade shows, but they’re expensive and results can be ‘ify,’” Kanya-Cornell said. “I would come back from these shows with spreadsheets full of leads, and the sales team complained that most of them were unresponsive.”

It was a frustrating cycle to break, especially for a company that prides itself on developing new, innovative supplements that help optimize metabolic functions in the body.

In order to grow they needed a far more efficient way to educate the market, attract good-fit leads, and close sales.


Brandi connected with Creative Side Marketing in the spring of 2018, and started exploring how a HubSpot growth solution could improve their sales processes, increase accuracy in data and reporting, and boost the quality of leads coming to the brand.

Creative Side showed them a demo of the HubSpot CRM, highlighting how they can easily manage business contacts and get real-time insights about their challenges and interests.

Then, the CSM team created a strategy that would attract visitors to DaVinci’s website, convert them into leads, and nurture them into customers using helpful, educational content.



Once the senior leadership team signed off on the plan, Creative Side launched a buyer persona research project, interviewing healthcare providers that had evaluated and purchased a new brand of supplements.

The research revealed key buying insights as doctors and business owners described in their own words what is most important to them when comparing supplement providers.

Backed by keyword research for search engine optimization (SEO), these insights helped Creative Side produce blog articles teaching people how different nutrients support metabolic processes in the body.

Lastly, Creative Side built marketing automation that took people on a deeper dive into topics of interest, helping them learn while also qualifying them as a good-fit for the DaVinci sales team.

In the years that followed, Creative Side took on a greater role as DaVinci invested in HubSpot’s professional Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs. Together, we have built dedicated education portals for healthcare professionals, public service campaigns to support the population during the pandemic, and trained the sales team on using personalized video to boost closing rates.

As of 2022, the brand’s website has accrued 1.6 million sessions, 15,000 leads, and 14,000 customers.

DaVinci Laboratories and their parent company, FoodScience, are important partners of ours, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

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