Blogging Mistakes B2B Marketers Are Making in 2019

Patrick Dodge 26 , Feb

This post has been updated in 2019.

How often does your executive team take stock of the company blog, and determine how it is helping to increase business? 

This is not an easy discussion for many B2B companies. 

Content Distribution Strategies Will Change in 2019

Patrick Dodge 13 , Oct

Content distribution is a big challenge, and marketers that insist on pushing everyone to their websites are making it even harder on themselves. 

How Small Brands Can Get Started With B2B Influencer Marketing

Patrick Dodge 25 , Aug

If your company is pouring time and resources into content marketing and feeling like it’s doing absolutely nothing, I have good news and I have great news.

The good news is your problem is shared by about three-quarters of content marketers everywhere. The great news is there is a solution, but it’s going to take brains and a whole lot of elbow grease.

How Influencer Marketing Changed My Lead Generation Strategy

Patrick Dodge 31 , Jul

There are two kinds of inbound marketers out there today.

Those that are getting traction with their content and getting leads, and those working their butts off and wondering why the hell they aren’t getting results.

Evaluating B2B Lead Gen Companies? Start With Their Failures.

Patrick Dodge 16 , Jul

If all B2B lead generation companies sound all the same, it’s because they are.

Sort of.

Can You Deliver Fast Sales With a Long Term Marketing Strategy?

Patrick Dodge 15 , Jun

It feels like an impossible situation. 

How Outbound Selling Makes Me a Better Inbound Marketer

Patrick Dodge 08 , Jun

It amazes me how misguided so many marketers are about outbound selling.

You can almost hear them snort with derision at the mere mention of those two words. 

“Pick up the phone and call a prospect without them asking me to??” they cry. “Preposterous!”

B2B Lead Generation on LinkedIn in 2018

Patrick Dodge 04 , Jun

Are you trying to attract leads for your company on LinkedIn?

If so, you might’ve noticed that auto-posting blog links through Hootsuite or whatever automation you use isn’t getting the job done. The culture on LinkedIn has changed, and marketers need to adapt if they want to make an impact.

Should You Build Your Website on the HubSpot CMS or WordPress?

Patrick Dodge 24 , May

When taking the first step with a marketing automation platform like HubSpot, most people start with a hard look at their website.

Why Companies Are Struggling to Build a Brand on LinkedIn

Patrick Dodge 15 , May

Every B2B brand wants to be killing it on LinkedIn.

They want followers. They want likes. They want comments. They want it ALL.

But very few of them will get there, because they don’t understand that LinkedIn is not about brands anymore. It’s about people.