Grow Your B2B Blog With Great SME Interviews

Patrick Dodge 25 , Jun

There is a goldmine of amazing content hidden in the people around you.

Blogging Mistakes B2B Marketers Are Making in 2019

Patrick Dodge 26 , Feb

This post has been updated in 2019.

How often does your executive team take stock of the company blog, and determine how it is helping to increase business? 

This is not an easy discussion for many B2B companies. 

Why We Should Stop Forcing Employees to Blog

Patrick Dodge 01 , Sep

I have a confession to make.

I am bad at math. Like, really bad. 

Some people can do fast calculations in their heads and they almost always get it right. I’m the fool who has to dig out his calculator app or write out the equation on paper to keep from messing it up. I used to be embarrassed by this. Not anymore. I have a few gifts I was born with, and math isn’t one of them. 

Based on my skills, no business would ever want someone like me managing their books, so why do so many of them insist on using bad bloggers?  

Why Should You Blog When Every Business Is Doing It?

Patrick Dodge 25 , Jul

Everybody and their mother has a blog. The dog probably does too. 

This is something all marketers are painfully aware of, especially the ones just getting serious with inbound. If you are getting lackluster results, it’s easy to look at the mountains of content people dump onto the Internet every day and ask: “Why am I bothering with this?” 

How to Blog About Your Business Without Annoying Readers

Patrick Dodge 20 , Mar

Your blog is your voice. And sometimes that voice yearns to say something self-congratulatory.

Maybe your organization won a prestigious award or hired a rising star that’s destined for great things. It would be silly not to share the good news, right?

Not always.

How Much Should You Pay For a Blog Post?

Patrick Dodge 06 , Jan

Hiring a blogger is like opening a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get – unless you know the market rates for this kind of work.

Is Your Blog Worth Their Time?

Patrick Dodge 01 , Dec

We are content creators, masters of the written word, honing each blog post until it cuts deep into the minds and hearts of consumers. At least that’s what we all want to believe.

How To Make Time For Blogging

Patrick Dodge 14 , Sep

“I don’t have time for blogging.”

That statement is behind failed content marketing strategy.