Inbound 2019 Takeaways That Will Make You a Better Leader

Patrick Dodge 13 , Sep

I attended Inbound 2019 with the same agenda I have for the last three years.

Grow Your B2B Blog With Great SME Interviews

Patrick Dodge 25 , Jun

There is a goldmine of amazing content hidden in the people around you.

Want To Create a Great Customer Experience? Start Thinking From Their Perspective.

Patrick Dodge 08 , Jun
The longer I work in marketing, the more I believe culture has the greatest impact on results.

The Marketing Growth Strategy That Deprioritizes Sales

Patrick Dodge 19 , May

We have a culture problem in the workplace today, and it's causing us to miss great opportunities.

Inbound Marketing Needs to Change

Patrick Dodge 10 , May

I’ve seen a few articles pop up in Google Alerts lately, prophesizing the end of inbound marketing. 

Using Chatbots to Improve Customer Experience

Patrick Dodge 22 , Mar

Is your company using chatbots to deliver customers a great experience?

Blogging Mistakes B2B Marketers Are Making in 2019

Patrick Dodge 26 , Feb

This post has been updated in 2019.

How often does your executive team take stock of the company blog, and determine how it is helping to increase business? 

This is not an easy discussion for many B2B companies. 

Inbound Marketing is Not About “Lead Generation” Anymore

Patrick Dodge 17 , Feb

The way people are purchasing business solutions today is changing, but if you listen to the way marketers speak about lead generation, you’d think we were still living in 2009.

Activate Your Email Marketing Leads With Real Personalization

Patrick Dodge 17 , Jan

Every brand is trying to personalize their marketing emails, but are they doing it in a way that matters to people?

Companies Are Getting Buyer Personas Completely Wrong

Patrick Dodge 05 , Jan

This post is an edited transcript from an episode of Frictionless: How B2B Marketers Create Amazing Customer Experiences. Listen to the entire interview here!